Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Ha, it's not my fault!

The gtkhtml2 segfault bug isn't the only one that has been plaguing Straw — another, not quite as annoying, one is a problem where selecting a row in a list where there was no selection before causes two selection changed signals to be emitted. I've tried to circumvent this a bit but not quite as successfully as I'd like. I wasn't quite sure if this was a problem with my code — it sure didn't look like it — or a library bug. Well, digging into the GNOME Bugzilla gave the answer to that: bug #82344 describes the problem quite nicely.

Too bad no-one has touched that for two months.

BTW, I think I must be linking more to my own old articles than to any other blog. I'm not sure if this is healthy.

Straw segfaulting

At the moment, Patrick Logan's RSS (the item with title "What happened to reason and rationality?") is making Straw crash with an segmentation fault.

This seems to be a gtkhtml2 bug, see bug #87490 and bug #87567. Why of all the feeds I read and all the items contained in them this happens with just that one, at least at the moment, I don't know.

Straw 0.3

Straw reached version 0.3. Now the UI is a lot nicer, looking a bit more like a news reader and a bit less like a web browser. I also fixed some bugs, made it cope with the nasty world outside a bit better, and refactored it quite a bit.

I didn't fix the Makefile (see my previous entry) but instead made Straw find the files.

BTW: I wouldn't mind if some artistic soul draw an icon for it. Preferably something that doesn't say "Straw". Something like a straw in a glass of juice or something? And look pretty? :-)