Thursday, June 20, 2002

Adding insult to injury

Stupid Expat/PyExpat/PyExpat SAX2 driver throws fatalerrors and won't go on after a mismatched tag. Ain't this great: first they won't use sexps and instead go for format which requires balanced start/end tags, then the software totally gives up when the tags aren't balanced. So much for trying to help the user.



And PyXML makes it pretty "challenging" trying to figure out what is wrong when a SAX driver won't work. libxmlop, pyxml 0.7.1, python 2.1. Somewhere it's trying to call __init__ with a wrong number of arguments. Clues welcome.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Desktop silliness

Browsing the Gnome mailing lists, over at nautilus-list archives I came across this little gem: Unifying ~/Desktop. Ye gods. I was hoping the desktop folks would be, at some point, getting rid of the desktop directory silliness. I have yet to understand what's the point of having a separate home directory and a desktop directory. $HOME is for me to work in, right? So what was the point of having a ~/Desktop, ~/.gnome-desktop, whatever, again? To have a desktop that has nothing to with reality and the stuff I'm working on, I guess.

I'd love to know have the two options, of having a separate desktop and having a $HOME desktop, been tested on users? I don't think it was in the Sun report, I don't know about things Eazel did. Not to mention other environments besides Gnome.


Oh well, reading a bit further, I found Jeff Waugh testing $HOME as desktop on users. I know the problems he listed (I still haven't managed to convince Gnus to put News and Mail directories somewhere besides $HOME, and ~/evolution is just as stupid), but still, I don't think that's an argument against $HOME as desktop, but against stupid software which clutters your home directory with non-dot directories not meant for the user to use.